October Coffee of the Month

This month we are going to spotlight the Crown Reserve Finca la Diana, it comes from Montebonito, Caldas, Colombia. The farmer, Huber Grajales processes his beans by de-pulping the beans without water, then fermenting underwater for 16-18 hours, fully washing them, and finishing by drying in the sun on small patios and silos.

The Finca la Diana is a combination of two coffee varietals, Caturra and Castillo. Caturra is one of the most commonly grown quality varietals in Colombia. Castillo however, is fairly new and somewhat controversial. Castillo contains some Robusta genetics; the Robusta helps to protect the coffee plant from certain diseases that can kill the plant. Because of the Castillo’s relation to Robusta, this has caused some to believe it is a very low quality varietal, however depending on the strain and how it is farmed the strain can come out with some wonderful and unique flavors. This particular bean is sweet, syrupy and clean, with black cherry and raspberry notes and a deep chocolate base. Finca la Diana was harvested from October-December 2016, and grown at 1700 masl (meters above sea level).