December Coffee of the Month

Korgua peaberry is grown in Papua New Guinea on the Korgua estate. Unlike most Nebilyer valley which typically come from many small farms, this is grown on one estate managed by Brian Leahy. Brian is the son of the farm’s founder, Dan Leahy, an Australian explorer who made first contact with the island’s indigenous highlanders in the 1930’s. This estate was among the first on the island. Before then coffee was not a major crop on the island. After the commercial coffee industry developed in the small country, coffee is now the second largest export next to palm oil. The Korgua estate is designated “neutral” ground for two native tribes, Ulga and Kolga, who don’t always get along. The Korgua peaberry is a fully washed bean with a low fermentation giving the coffee lively and vivid flavors. The peaberry is a mutation where the coffee cherry grows only one bean as opposed to two. Some argue the mutation yields a more concentrated flavor. The Korgua peaberry is zesty, sweet and herbal.