November Coffee of the Month

Ketiara comes from a farmer cooperative with 2,000 members, most of whom are women. These exceptional females are also survivors of regional conflict and natural disasters. Their cooperative offers the farmers financial assistance and invests in schools, hospitals, and new farming equipment for the members.  Jack Mormon Coffee is very proud to help support these efforts.

Ketiara is 100% natural, organic, shade grown, and triple-picked, meaning the coffee cherries have gone through removal of defective beans three times before they are processed. This is the highest sorting grade out there. The coffee is processed in the classic Sumatran technique of wet hulling, then it is briefly dried to 20-45% moisture before being delivered to the mill where the remaining fruit mucilage is removed, and the raw green beans complete their drying.

Farmed in the Takengon Highlands, Aceh province of western Sumatra, Indonesia, Ketiara has a lovey clean flavor of stone fruits, dark berries, pipe tobacco, with a creamy chocolate finish. We will be offering Ketiara in whole or half pound bags until the end of the holiday season, making it a wonderful stocking stuffer.