Dukunde Kawa Espresso - Rwanda

$ 16.50

Despite its diminutive size compared to other East Africa coffee producing countries, Rwanda’s coffee has an important history and terroir entirely unique to the rest of the continent. Coffee was originally forced upon remote communities by the Belgians as a colony-funding cash crop. The Belgians distributed varieties cultivated by the French on Ile de Bourbon (now Reunion Island, near Madagascar) but had so little invested in coffee’s success that they immediately allowed production to decline through lack of investment in national infrastructure, as well as the farmers who grew it. As a result, the sector suffered near total obscurity in the coffee world from Rwanda’s independence in 1962 until the period of rebuilding following the country’s devastating civil war and astonishingly tragic genocide in 1994.

Tasting Notes: Red grape, cherry tomato, sage, semi-sweet chocolate

Roast: Medium / Light

Process: Fully washed and dried in raised beds

Certifications: Fair Trade

12oz Zippered Bag

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