Karla Portillo - Honduras


Process: Honey processed, depulped and immediately dried on raised screens in the sun

Varieties: Icatú

Certifications: Organic

Karla Patricia Portillo’s family are longtime producers in the Marcala area, however her personal farm, Finca Planeta Verde, was only established in 2015. Aside from the clear objective of producing organic and high quality coffee, Karla has had excellent success with varieties considered “exotic” to the area, such as bourbon (a staple of Guatemala and El Salvador’s older estates but rare in Honduras), and icatú, a Brazilian-developed hybrid with robusta and bourbon parentage (which is VERY rare in Honduras).

In recent years COMSA has begun to focus more on what they call “La Finca Humana” (the human farm): an increased consciousness within the farmer that seeks to integrate their physical and social lives with the natural environment around them using observation, investigation, analysis, reflection, and activities that connect farmers with one another and the planet. 

$ 18.50

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