Toarco Jaya PB - Sulawesi, Indonesia

Toarco Jaya PB is sourced from the Toraja people, an indigenous group from the central mountain region on the southern part of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The coffee is processed at the PT Toarco Jaya Estate, a joint Japanese and Indonesian coffee venture established in 1976. PT Toarco Jaya Estate is one of just a handful of Indonesian producers that utilizes a fully-washed process.  PT Toarco Jaya Estate also has a long history of contributing to the region's economic development and social improvement programs. Toarco Jaya PB is a unique bean from the area, as peaberry coffee is a cherry mutation on the coffee plant. Peaberries grow with only one bean in the coffee cherry as opposed to two, yielding a more vivid flavor in the coffee

Tasting Notes: Orange, Golden Raisin, Plum, Molasses, Fudge

$ 18.00

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