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We Have An Online Loyalty Program!

If you have moved away and miss our in store loyalty program, have no fear. We have set up a loyalty program for our online store. We now use two separate loyalty systems, one for in store and one for online. They are not connected, but they are similar. In store when you purchase 10 pounds of coffee,  you receive 1 free pound. Our online program is a little different and is based on dollars spent. For every dollar you spend you receive 2 points. Once you have accumulated 300 points, which is the closest equivalent of purchasing 10 pounds of coffee, you will receive a $15 discount on your next purchase. If you already have an online account, then you are automatically signed up for the loyalty program. 

When you are on our website, check the bottom right hand corner of your screen for a red bar to see how many points you have accumulated. 
Email or call us if you have any questions about the loyalty program.
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