New Brew Methods at the Shop

In light of all our shop changes, we’ve started some new brewing methods. For the first time ever we are offering drip coffee, however we don’t just use any drip coffee maker, the brewer only makes 4-8 cups at a time so your coffee is always fresh. Our coffee brewers are designed to bring you a fresh, unique, and delicious cup of coffee that you can’t get anywhere else. Our prices for drip coffee will stay the same; however the uniqueness and cost of our “by the cup” brewers, we will charge a little more for “by the cup” coffee. Here is a bit about our brewing systems:

If you have ever had a cup of coffee at our shop, you have had a cup that was brewed in our Clover brewer, a full immersion vacuum press. The Clover wets and brews the coffee above a mesh filter. Once it is ready to serve, the machine creates a vacuum underneath the filter, sucking the coffee though. This process preserves the essential flavor oils and aromas to create a rich and vivid cup of coffee.

The Trifecta is a three step full immersion brewer. The first step of the process is the wetting stage: The coffee grounds are saturated with an exact percentage of water that is determined by each coffee region. Next is the coffee extraction: The brewer injects air bubbles into the pressurized chamber to agitate the grounds to create a uniform and complex flavor profile. The last step is hydrolysis: The brewed coffee is pushed out of the brew chamber using pressurized air,  creating a full bodied cup of coffee.

The Gold Cup coffee brewer is a preinfusing pour over system. We use the Gold Cup “by the cup” brewer as well as the half gallon Gold Cup brewer. First the Gold Cup pre-wets the grounds, allowing them time to bloom. Blooming enhances the flavor of your brewed coffee by allowing the sour taste of carbon dioxide to escape. After the bloom, the Gold Cup will continue to wet the grounds at a pulsating rate. This brewer produces a smooth and well balanced cup of coffee.