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April Bean Of The Month

Frinsa is sourced from family-owned farms located in the Pangalengan district, Bandung Regency on the island of West Java, Indonesia. Wildan Mustofa and Atieq Mustikaningtyas, a husband and wife team, started cultivating coffee in 2011 as a means of erosion control and soil conservation on the steep terrain near where they were cultivating vegetables, seed potato, and tea. Their collective coffee and shade trees, protect the soil from erosion and increases water holding capacity, which is very important because the Bandung highland is a catchment area for the Citarum basin. Wildan and Atieq have also used coffee revenue to purchase land and provide construction funds for a local school that gives children closer access to education through high school. Frinsa is fully washed and sundried,

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Orange and Floral
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February Bean of the Month

San Martin is sourced from land that is owned by Francisco Gerardo Jimenez Robles. The family farm is located in San Martin De Leon Cortes near Tarrazu, Costa Rica. Robles started planting coffee 25 years ago on 9 acres of land that was thought to be too high in elevation for coffee growing. Today, Francisco Robles runs a flourishing coffee farm with his 4 children who have use of a micro-mill, allowing for meticulous cherry selection, depulping, fermenting, and drying. San Martin is fully washed and dried on raised beds.The coffee has a flavor profile of pear, brown sugar, apricot, and caramel apple
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